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Dog Joint Supplement Tablets


Many of us know at The Pet Supplement Shop the benefits of supplementing our own diets with supplements but did you know that sensible pet supplementation can also be just as important for our pets. You know your pet best so you are very likely to be the first person to notice any signs of joint problems however some common signs to look out for are, lameness or swelling and tenderness in the joint. Change in temperament, unwillingness to run or play and licking or biting of the joint can also be worth looking out for. There are a number of ways you can help you cat or dog adapt to joint issues including, weight management, exercise management or hydrotherapy sessions. Looking at ways to improve your pets home environment can also be a great way to help. Adapting stairs or even introducing ramps, finding a good orthopaedic bed, covering slippery surfaces and ensuring the cat or dog flap is accessible are all ways to improve the home environment. Sensible Supplements Joint is a food supplement containing Glucosamine and Green Lipped Mussel for Cats and Dogs. The aim of Sensible Supplements Joint is to offer further nutritional supplementation for dogs and cats of all ages and conditions but specifically for those animals that are starting to experience joint stiffness or in breeds prone to joint issues. It is available in a Liver flavoured chewable tablet for Dogs and a sprinkle capsule for Cats. Directions for use: For cats under 4kg, use 1 capsule per day. For older, stiff or cats over 4kg, use 2 capsules per day for the first 4-6 weeks, then reduce to 1 per day. Can be opened and mixed with food or given as a treat.

- Sensible Supplements 'Joint' combines glucosamine HCl, green lipped mussel, calcium and two natural anti-oxidants, ascorbic acid and manganese.
- Green-lipped mussels contain all the major classes of gycosaminoglycans which are naturally found in our connective tissues and are key structural components of joint cartilage.
- Glucosamine is found naturally in joints and the synovial fluid that helps lubricate joint cartilage. As our cats and dogs age they produce less glucosamine so we have added it to help supplement this process.
- We have also added calcium and vitamin C. Calcium is needed for the maintenance of healthy bones, and vitamin C assists the formation of collagen in your body, which in turns helps the normal function of cartilage and bones.

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