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We Are Re-Branding... (21/11/2018)

We love selling pet supplements to all our customers, and we dont want to stop. In fact we're growing fast than ever. As a result we are saying goodbye to our 'BirdMedic' brand name as we have now out grown it.

We have decided to focus on expanding our product range accross all pets so we felt that 'The Pet Supplement Shop' fit the bill and was a more descriptive name in respect of the products and services that we offer.

You will start to see our new branding name appearing accross all our platforms.

Along with this we hope to open our first Pet Supplement Shop in Glasgow in early 2019. This will offer additional services like 'Click & Collect' accross all of our products.

Also we will be:-

- Expanding our range to international customers
- Stocking Equine Products
- Attending more shows and sales accross Scotland
- And much much more...

Thanks for keeping with us,

The Pet Supplement Shop Team